What We Ate Today

Since we have been on restrictive diets for the last two years or so people often wonder about how and what we eat. With our recent movement towards a vegan diet and our recent decision to add raw vegan meals to our repertoire the number one question I get asked every single day is "so. what do you eat?"

Rather than just tell you I figured I will show you. My love of cooking and the instagram app have finally come together!

The one big trick I learned last night from the documentary Food Matters is to drink 2 liters of water first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. Since I'm American and have no clue how many cups that equals. I told Charlie we were going to have a race to see who could drink two cups of water the fastest. The rules are we can not leave the kitchen until we have finished drinking our water. Charlie had 2 cups and I ended up drinking 3. I am including the bit about water in "what I ate" because water is incredibly important to our bodies as it makes up a huge portion of our being.

For breakfast I like to keep it raw and smoothie. I like our smoothies in the morning so as to give my body the least amount of effort required to break down our first and most important meal of the day. This is just logical thinking in my mind. I could always be wrong.

Today's smoothie: Ice. coconut milk. pomegranate juice. 2 teaspoons coconut oil (I take what gets left on the spoon and slather my face and hands with it as a natural moisturizer). a half an avocado. frozen peaches. pineapple. pineapple juice. hemp seeds. a cup of gluten free oats. a handfull of almonds. and 3/4 cup of water kiefer. I also meant to add fresh ginger but forgot to do so.

For lunch I had some left over whole wheat pasta from last night with asparagus. and cherry tomatoes. in extra virgin olive oil and artichoke juice. (I ate all of the artichokes last night) with cubed homemade seitan stir-fried.

Charlie had a left over hemp burger from last night as well which I modified from one of Ani Phyo's raw food recipes based on what we had in the house. Consisting of hemp seeds. GF oats. celery. red pepper. onion and sea salt. Lightly fried in extra virgin olive oil since we have yet to purchase a dehydrator.

For dinner I worked off of a recipe in a vegetarian cookbook.

I am trying to add raw elements into our meals and so I set aside red kidney beans and julienne style carrots in a bowl. Which I julienned by hand. What a pain in the ass!

I boiled three potatoes in water and sea salt. Once they were soft I drained them and let them cool while I used the same pot to heat extra virgin olive oil and a little over a teaspoon of minced garlic. I lightly sauteed cauliflower with the now cubed potatoes and a little sea salt.

Then I added the spices.


Once the potatoes and cauliflower looked done I mixed it all together to create dinner. The potatoes were slightly crunchy which was actually nice and the warmth of the cooked food softened up the raw foods.

A sprinkling of chives and Charlie cleaned his plate while I went back for seconds and Van could not get enough red kidney beans. I think it was a success as I feel full and satisfied. and I look forward to being able to make this meal even healthier in the future.

Now I am enjoying a cup of tea with almond milk and a half a teaspoon of raw honey. MMmmmm

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