What To Wear (And Not To Wear!) To #BlogHer16

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Every year in the weeks leading up to our conferences, attendees spend lots of time in preparation mode, deciding which sessions to attend, finding roommates, researching flights, and ... making wardrobe choices.

What To Wear (And Not To Wear!) To #BlogHer16
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I moderate the official #BlogHer16 Attendee Group on Facebook and can write with complete certainty that questions about what to wear come up just as often as anything else about the conference.

I'm here to tell you two things:

1. Relax. People don't pay as much attention to what others are wearing as you might think.

2. Just be (and dress like) you and you'll be fine.

We had a Twitter chat last week on this very topic and here are some of the most important things that came out of that:

Even though the way this year's conference is set up is "stacked" (we're on three floors, connected by escalators), you'll still be doing lots of walking. Choose your footwear wisely!

As far as clothing goes, anything goes. I've attended or worked at every BlogHer annual conference since 2009, and I have seen everything from jeans to shorts to capris to casual dresses to formal dresses to ... well, you name it.

Many new attendees get wrapped up in shopping for a new wardrobe and getting their hair and nails done, and even though that can be fun (okay, exhilarating, really), you don't have to. Most people learn by the closing keynote that their old friends are just happy to see them, and their new friends couldn't care less about what everyone was wearing.

My personal conference "style" (and I put that in quotes because I am no style expert by any means) consists of lots of maxi dresses along with my comfy shoes. For me, maxi dresses are easy, they are great for day-into-evening, they're comfortable, and they make packing a breeze.

Maxi dresses may not be for you, and that's fine. You've got lots of other things to choose from that will project your own style, and I didn't put that in quotes because I have a feeling you're a little bit more stylish than I.

You may want to dress in business casual to meet up with brands, or you may not. You may want to dress to the nines to head out to our evening events, or you may not. You may want to wear shorts for the duration, or ... well, you know. My point is, it's all up to you.


If you're comfortable at the conference, you will likely enjoy yourself so much more. Being preoccupied about clothes that pinch and grab, tight shoes and blisters, high-maintenance hair, or a plethora of other things that might make you self-conscious can cause frowning and general displeasure, and why would you want to put yourself - -not to mention your friends, who probably prefer you smiling -- through that? If you love to wear dresses, great. If you don't? Don't wear them.

See what I'm saying about shoes?

Speaking of shoes, our Events Programming Manager Lucrecer Braxton has some tips on that topic, as well as accessories and all kinds of other #BlogHer16 wardrobe-related issues. Watch her entertaining video and then make a plan to find her on the dance floor because ... well, you'll see why.

No matter what you wear to #BlogHer16, I'm looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles!

Don't wait! #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us will take place from August 4-6, 2016, in Los Angeles, CA.
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