What a week already!

Today is another very windy day here in Green Country!  It is blowing more of what ever I seem to be allergic to back into town! I will be glad when it does stop blowing!!

 I was so excited when I reported that I had lost several pounds after Thanksgiving but after further thought there is no way that the scale could have been right!  I did the same things I had done in the previous weeks and was on a 5 pound a week loss streak – which is fine for me.  But there just is no way that the scale was right that week, I ate for Thanksgiving and had known I would be up a pound or two.  Okay I might not have been up that week but this past week for sure – I ate left overs, cookies, and we had cake at work several days.  This last week when I got weighed she said I was up 17 pounds! How can a person gain 17 pounds in one week? Yes I ate a little more but was not that far out of my point’s realm!!  The difference is three pounds – three pounds is possible to have gained since I ate the left overs and had cake at work!  I can take that – so I have registered to start with a Saturday morning class instead of going in the evening on Thursday.  There is a zumba class on Saturday morning my friend Carmen teaches and I am going to start hitting her class and then going to the meeting.  Once I either move out of the must type like lightening department or go to another company I am hoping to be able to go the zumba class here in town at the community center on Monday nights as well.  I am not able to right now because we always work too late on Monday nights for me to make it in time.  But I can do the Saturday morning class then I will zip over and attend a weight watchers meeting with my friend from work.  That will make it even more fun!!  I have not really made any connections with the people at my meetings on Thursday evening.  So- stay tuned and I will update on Saturday what the scale said and how much weight I have really lost!  I like the sound of 30 pounds and I had my self convinced but – really?  

Not only did I have to make myself face up to the fact I should have stepped on the scale one more time instead of just going with it – the Steven Curtis Chapman concert didn’t happen either.  The performance was scheduled for Sunday the 2nd of December.  I got a call from my friend Vicky Friday morning - she had thought I had heard that the concert was cancelled! I had not!! So I started digging in a little bit and discovered that yes indeed the concert for the weekend was cancelled – but not only that it seemed the whole tour was cancelled!  The wheels fell of that show for sure! I have no idea why they cancelled.  I got an email from the radio station that was advertising the show and they just said that the dates were cancelled and it was not the radio station that had made the cancellations.  It is just sad because that was going to be so much fun!!  

It has been a kind of disappointing last several days.  But I am choosing to remain positive.  The weight is coming off- that I am sure of- yes even gaining is not the end of the world! It will come off because I am determined to make a difference with my body and it has no choice but to line up with scripture!! I am not making the same choices I had made in the past and am very proud of the weight I have lost- every pound I have lost is better for my heart.  I am feeling so much better- I am able to walk further without loosing my breath, I can stand for longer periods of time- and I am not as hungry all day now that I have a better handle on keeping the protein up.  There will be other opportunities to sing in the future as well – this was a right place right time kind of thing- there will be other times that happens! I am sure of it!  God did not bless me with this musical ability to have me be silent for long – there are other opportunities on the horizon being worked out as we speak! 

This just goes to show that satan is still out there working to try and keep the Word of God silent.  I believe it to be a direct attack from him to have something so big happen that they had to make the changes or what ever they are doing for the 12 Gifts of Christmas Tour.  There were several artists involved and you would think that if one was not feeling well they would just skip them that night or call in a replacement for that one time- so there is something else going on- we just don’t know what that is right now.  I know that this will be a financial hit for the companies involved to have made the investment for the tour and then not be able to sell tickets- we need to pray protection over them and the artists that were involved.  

I Peter 5: 8-9 (NIV)

8 Be alert and of sober mind.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  9 Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.  

We need to keep our guard up and always be aware of what satan may be trying to do in our lives.  He will not leave you alone as long as you are walking the path of salvation.  If you were not walking it out, studying, memorizing the word so intently he would leave you alone! But since we are working on becoming more like Christ then we are prime targets and we need to be always ready with a quick word to make him flee!  Take time to check on your friends and build them up.  Help them to remain strong and grounded in the Word.  

I’m praying for you!

Miss Wanda

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