What Will Your Kids Learn About You (or Themselves!) by Reading Your Blog?

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I give a lot of thought to the idea that the kids might one day grow up and read my blog (or maybe worse, their friends could read it and end up teasing them about it). I try to be circumspect with what I post -- both about myself as well as about them -- imagining how it would look to a middle school version of the twins or a high school version or a married-with-kids-themselves version.

Bringing Up Bronwyn also tackled this idea in a post recently. She hopes her daughter will turn to blogging too since it has helped her, as a mother, to find her voice. She explains:

As she gets older, this will get tougher. It will be harder to keep myself in check, but it is my responsibility as her mother and protector to do this for her. This also means that as soon as she is old enough for me to ask what her wishes are, I will have to respect them.

This is my promise to Bronwyn. The day she wants me to close this space I will. I will find something else to write about. This promise will become a part of her legacy and footprint of the internet. The legacy that she always has a choice, and before she is capable of that choice, I will do my best to share her with the world, but in a responsible way.

What do you think your kids will think of your blog? What will they think of the posts you've written about them? What will they learn about YOU?

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