What A Wonderful World

People say to live like it’s the last day of your life. There’s wisdom in that because it makes you appreciate everything around you. It makes you look into eternity and realize your destiny.

But I think it’s just as important to live like it’s all a beginning. There is so much to wonder about. How could you watch a hummingbird without being amazed at those wings? There are patterns to star systems and galaxies, delicate spiraled shells deep in the sea, fantastic fractals in math equations, the joy of a baby’s laugh.

When you realize that God created it all, down to the last tiny pin point, you see Him in new light. You see Him fascinated by beauty and creativity. His finger print is in the desert, the oceans, the sky, and our very heartbeat. He is amazing.

Open your eyes. Look at what He’s done! And this is only a foreshadowing of what will come. Your life will be filled with new joy when you stop to smell the roses and admire their beauty. God made them for you. Don’t ignore His great gifts.

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