What Is Wordle?

What is a wordle?

  1. A new color
  2. A type of pasta
  3. A swanky clothing line
  4. A crazy form of writing

 If you guessed D, you’re right! A wordle is a graphic representation of the most frequently used words in a blog, free write, or speech and Wordle.net is the site that has bloggers cheering! It’s simple, fun and creative.   To create a wordle, simply go to Wordle.net, enter in the RSS feed for a blog or text, hit submit and let the site do the rest. After creating the wordle, users are able to customize the look of it. Options range from color to size and shape.  One of the benefits of using a wordle blog is that it adds variety—allowing readers to see what you’re most passionate about in a creative way.  

Check out my recent eBrandmarketing blog to see a wordle I created.

Wordles have also become very popular with political analysts. Visit the link below to see what words each presidential candidate uses the most.

http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2008/08/03/portrait_of_the_candidate_as_a_pile_of_words/ If you google image search wordle there are thousands of great designs!

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