What would you ask activist Anna Lappe? Food, health, hunger and the environment are all on her agenda.

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Anna Lappe I became a vegetarian almost 20 years ago, and when I did Diet For a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé was one of those bibles you kept by your side. It wasn't just inspiring, but a practical guide to leading a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

Decades later Moore's daughter, author and activist Anna Lappé, carries on this tradition of activism that is both inspiring and dedicated to helping people make a difference via personal action. I'm thrilled to be conducting an exclusive podcast interview with Anna next week as part of our ongoing Earth Day is Every Day coverage this month. Our interview with Anna will coincide with a launch of an entirely new project that I'm also going to ask her about, and I'm also going to ask Anna about these three main goals in her work:

1. Illuminating the connection between food production and climate changeHere's a brief quote from a recent Op-Ed Anna wrote:

"With climate scientists warning we need an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to avert planetary catastrophe, it's clear we need bold action -- and that bold action must include re-thinking food. Here's the good news: We already know how to build a climate-friendly food system. "

2. Demystifying healthy food and eating

She's willing to tackle those nagging issues: Do you have to be rich and have all the time in the world to really eat healthy?

3. Providing tangible resources encourage and green and healthy food movement

One of Anna's latest endeavors is to create practical How-To videos for Howdini and Healthy Living videos for MSN's healthy living channel.Here's an example of one of her Howdini videos: How To Tell If Packaged Food Is Organic.

Now, I may be excited about this interview as a veg*n who appreciates Anna's encouragement of a "plant-centered diet", but actually she "encourages all self-identified food identities" and works to make sure we all know how to eat more healthfully for ourselves and our planet.

So, what would you ask Anna...how can she help you shop, cook and eat the way you want to?

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