What Would You Ask Gloria Steinem? I Will Ask Her For You This Thursday!

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This year, to wrap up our Month of Awesome Women, I have the choice opportunity to interview Gloria Steinem, activist and feminist icon while she's in San Francisco for an evening with Gloria and young feminist leaders, sponsored by the Women's Media Center. [Tickets still available...check it out.]

Gloria Steinem
Image: © Martha Rial/St Petersburg Times/ZUMA Press

Reviewing her above-linked Wikipedia profile, you'll probably agree that there are so many things I could ask her about. I would love to know her perspective on the 2008 election and how it may shape 2012, the current Middle East situation and whether it bodes well or ill for women in the region, what she thinks of so-called third-wave feminism and what differences and similarities she sees between today's feminist leaders and those of 30 years ago. Heck, I'd even like to ask her if she's proud of stepson Christian Bale's Oscar win and what it's like to love and lose in such rapid succession.

So, help a BlogHer out here. What would you ask Gloria Steinem if you were in my shoes?

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