What Would You Do?

Stranger Passes Out On the Sidewalk. What Would You Do?

Have you ever heard of ABC's "What Would You Do?" The show tests
how people respond to emergencies or calls for help or any chance to simply do
the right thing.

The program camped out unseen on Ferry Street in Newark, NJ and filmed
passers-by as they blithely walked past a homeless man passed out on the
sidewalk. The man was in fact an actor. 88 people in total did not
Only one person stopped to see if he was okay. Her name is Linda Hamilton
and she is homeless. It seemed half of Newark -- 88 people actually -- walked by
before someone took pity on the unconscious soul laid out on the sidewalk. That
someone was Hamilton, who watched over him despite her own issues. She's
diabetic, limps with a cane from two strokes and takes medication she can't
afford for her battle against schizophrenia.
This incredible story was on today's front page of my
hometown paper, the Star-Ledger of Newark.

By the time I finished reading I was shocked. I had tears in my eyes. I was
angry because how could so many people walk by a person in trouble?

But then this poor homeless woman does one act of kindness and because of
it her life has changed for the better.

One act of unselfishness is all it takes.

So I ask. What would you do?


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