What would you do?

My husband had reason to deal with an individual we don't know recently. He seemed like a nice enough guy. We were selling something and he was buying. They talked for a while and he began to share a little more than my husband expected. He has a very successful business making 6 figures yearly and enjoying this extra income on top of his retirement. He was a colorful, outgoing gentleman. Until he spoke the words we wish we'd never heard.

"Taxes? What are those? This is a cash business, I don't report a thing." The words rang in my own ears as my husband relayed the story. This man has a very successful business, runs it all in cash and and doesn't pay a penny in taxes. From someone who does everything we can to stay within the law, morally and legally, this hurt. We don't own a home, and even though we sometimes struggle financially, we often have to pay at the end of the year. And here is this person who is making a lot more money than us, and never pays a penny to the government.

There can be a lot said about the IRS and the taxes we are legally obligated to pay. But after relaying this story to a friend, he asked us "did you know the IRS has a bounty program?". Well, no we didn't know.  And how did all this information drop in our lap when we weren't looking? This is definitely information we would be more than happy to give back and forget we'd ever heard.

Instead, the question now is, what do we do with it? Should we report it? What if we don't? Is it wrong to turn this otherwise nice guy in? And really, all we have is his word - would they even believe us? If we saw someone shop lifting, wouldn't we turn them in to the store?  So why is this decision so hard to make? We are seeking the answers to these questions.

I would love to know your input. What would you do in our shoes?

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