What Would You Do With Unlimited Funding and Time?


Taking a risk that you will find this picture too cute!

I know using the picture of my cute pets is stretching this month's theme a little, but I just took their pictures the other day.  I wanted to share.  

Today's prompt asked "if I did not have to worry about money or expertise what would my job be?"  Well, that is easy, I would get rich blogging.  I would blog about issues and convince people that we need to fund health care for all our children.  I would blog about protecting the environment and ending childhood hunger in America. I would share my poetry and writing.  

Then, I would find great causes to support like Food Network'sNo Child Hungry. Another great cause I would support is The Community Health Charities which works to help provide funding to many health related charities like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. These are just two charities that I would fund. My list would go on and on.  

Why do you blog?  What draws hundreds of thousands of people to their computers everyday?  Well for me, it is trying to reach out to others and to encourage them to think in new ways. I also want to improve my writing skills.  I find it fun to share my thoughts, and I definitely enjoy reading all the blogs I have followed. 

If time wasn't limited, and I did not have to sleep, I would comment on everyone's blog that I have come across in my very short month of blogging.  I would send kudos and high fives.  I would laugh and cry.  Sometimes, sorry, I might fall asleep but not on your blog. 

What about you. If money and time came in unlimited supplies, what would you do?  What risks would you take to improve humanity?

Mary Hill

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