What You Could Have Been Doing, And Other News

Unprofessional Cookery

So you know what this weekend is, right?  Tax deadline weekend.  The weekend that separates the men from the boys.

If you were responsible and be sitting at some corner spot right now, sipping on that latte over the Times’ crossword.  If you’re like the rest of us, you’re trying to figure out if you can deduct contact lens solution (you can!) and looking under the couch for that receipt for that one dinner where you MIGHT have talked about work or something.

Consider this a pleasant diversion from the ever looming zero hour.

Twitter.  We has it.

I think I would prefer to take the stairs.  (Huffington Post)

Its a food truck fantasy!  (Eater)

I kind of want to try this.  (Delish)

You like us, right?  Why not show it on Facebook for the whole world to see?

What, no indian fry bread or churros to represent?  (Huffington Post)

Our friendship is over.  Here, have a scotch bonnet. (Delish)

Phoenix is souper!  (Laughing Squid)

Would you pay $350 a pound for a low fat cheese?  I wouldn’t.  (Huffington Post)

Stay ahead of the curve!

Beaver ass, anyone?  (Cosumerist)

Holy crap!  I’m older than the HAPPY MEAL?!  Oh, yeah, and its not making kids fat and stuff.  (Delish)

Retarded. (Delish)

“Been laying down heat with my friend Blaze.”  Bwhahahahahaaaaa…  haahahahaaaaa…  ha..  ha..  So, can I get the Fire Island cottage then? (Huffington Post)

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