What You Don’t See

Blue Moon - August 31, 2012I took this picture last night.  The boys and I finished up Astronomy just last week, so we’ve been talking about the Blue Moon that would happen at the end of August for a couple of months now.  To commemorate the occasion, I told them that I wanted to get a picture of it.  They watched a movie with their dad while I hung out in the backyard to take pictures.

Shortly after taking this shot, I wrapped up my photography for the night. I tweaked the contrast of this photo in Lightroom, posted it on Facebook for family and friends to see, and then went to bed.

Today, I opened up my email and saw that I had received compliments and “likes” for the shot.  I’ll admit that I absolutely love it when someone praises my photography.  But, it struck me this morning that while some appreciated my picture, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Pictures are like that though.  They show a mere moment.  Sometimes the moment is full of peace, but there are plenty of other chaos-filled moments that are not pictured.  Sometimes the moment is full of love, but do you think the unloving moments make it to film/screen?  Sometimes the moment is blissfully happy, but the sad or angry moments rarely have photographs to memorialize them.  Sometimes the moment is beautiful, but the requirements to capture it did not come easy.

Do you want to know what isn’t shown in my picture?

What you don’t see – is that I sat outside in the warm and sticky-humidity for over two hours.

What you don’t see – is the hefty coating of bug spray that covered me.

What you don’t see – is me stressing out that I might not get the shot because clouds were in the way for most of that two hours.

What you don’t see – is me getting after the dogs because they hear the squirrels scampering about in the neighbor’s tree.

What you don’t see - is the nearly 120 images I snapped before this one.

What you don’t see – is the approximately 541 loads of laundry waiting to be done on the floor of the laundry room (that I could have been doing if I hadn’t been sitting outside for two hours.)

What you don’t see – is the weekly family menu schedule completely blank waiting to be filled-in (that I could have been doing if I hadn’t been sitting outside for two hours.)

What you don’t see – is the sewing project laying on my sewing table that I promised the boys I’d finish (that I could have been doing if I hadn’t been sitting outside for two hours.)

 .~.  .~.  .~.

In a world where “pictures are worth a thousand words”, we tend to forget the part of the picture that we can’t see.  It was a great reminder to myself that:

Just because someone looks like they have the perfect life – doesn’t mean they really do.

Just because she looks like she’s the perfect wife and mother – doesn’t mean she really is.

Just because her house looks immaculate – doesn’t mean her closets aren’t overflowing.

Just because it looks like she has the patience of Job – doesn’t mean she doesn’t struggle.

Just because the picture looks incredible – doesn’t mean that you see the whole picture.

There’s also what you don’t see…

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