What You Need to Know About Facebook Timeline (And Why I'm Excited)

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The changes Facebook rolled out this past week have inspired love and hate reactions from bloggers. But that's just the beginning. At the Facebook's f8 developers conference on September 22, Mark Zuckerberg introduced even more products coming up, including one called Facebook Timeline.

More Facebook changes, yada yada yada, right? I glanced at the coverage, saw more concern about how they'll affect privacy, and yawned. But when a blogger known for her expertise with social media gets this stoked about a Facebook change, I sit up and take notice. Here's what Melanie Nelson says about how Timeline will work:

Timeline is going to keep track of your updates and content sharing, but instead of just showing the last few days, it will show everything. You can go back to the first day you joined Facebook. Then you can add more information all the way back to when you were born. This is a new way to share the important milestones of your life. I think I heard someone at F8 call it the year-end report of your life. Or, for those of you who love the crafty, it’s like an online scrapbook. YOU get to choose what the focus is. Facebook has an algorithm that will try to choose the important information, but you ultimately have control and can decide what’s featured and what’s not.

In her very thorough post, Melanie also spells out what the changes will mean for marketers and shares her take on the privacy concerns. OK, I'm excited, too. How about you?

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