What You Need to Know about Spruelike Enteropathy and Its Causes

The way our body works is a blessing for us humans. An immune system that rests in the body comes into action when we are attacked by virus, bacteria or any agents that can cause us to fall ill. Our system works so impeccably that the wounds and injuries heal themselves with a mind blowing phenomenon. However, there are times when our bodies are so disturbed that we need medication to support and strengthen our immune system to fight against certain conditions and diseases. Some of the most common conditions of our bodies are caused by malnutrition, bad case of digestion or bad stomach.

Spruelike Enteropathy is one of the conditions that affect our intestines and as a result our digestion and absorption of food is affected. It must be known here that conditions related to intestines are called enteropathies. Spruelike Enteropathy is one of the many conditions that affect the intestines; there are many other similar conditions with similar symptoms as well. For example, there is tropical Sprue and Celiac sprue. Tropical Sprue is a condition that is common in tropical regions but the causes of this condition are unknown mostly. Celiac Sprue is also caused gluten sensitive enteropathy in which the digestive system is affected due to gluten.

In all of the conditions mentioned above diarrhea is one of the most common occurrences. Flatulence and severe pains in the intestinal and belly area are also common symptoms of these conditions. Indigestion, cramps and fever are also some of the disturbances in the body that are caused by these particular diseases. Let’s now have a look at the causes of Spruelike Enteropathy.

Causes Of Spruelike Enteropathy

As mentioned above, the enteropathy refers to the conditions and pathology of intestines. When it comes to gluten sensitive enteropathy the name already suggests what causes this particular condition. Spruelike Enteropathy is not a common disease but it can be caused due to malnutrition and disturbances caused in the digestive track due to the intake of harmful foods. However, recently the use of Benicar (olmesartan) has been reported as a big cause of Spruelike Enteropathy. It is said that this particular drug taken as a treatment of high blood pressure in the body has caused Spruelike Enteropathy in some patients.

It is also being said that the side effects are caused by the presence of olmesartan so any other drugs that contain olmesartan can also cause Spruelike Enteropathy. The side effects might take months before they clearly emerge on the scene. Bodies governing the distribution and quality control of medicines in countries have asked the companies to revise their warning labels and requested them to include the Spruelike Enteropathy as one of the side effects of using the drug. However, it must be remembered here that these cases were only found in a few patients, not all.

Some people, Benicar didn’t work for, even went to courts to file the lawsuits. This might not be the case with every patient. Therefore, you are advised to consult with your doctor before using the drug or if you are experiencing any similar symptoms after using the medicine.

Effects Of Spruelike Enteropathy

The most prominent symptom and effect of this condition is diarrhea. People with this condition might experience severe pains in their stomachs with foul smells in their stool. Indigestion or bad digestion is also one of the symptoms of this disease. Due to indigestion of the food the patients might feel the urge for vomiting. This causes patient to either stop eating his/her food for some time or eat too little. The result is extreme weight loss. A reliable doctor must be visited as soon as these symptoms and effects are experienced by a patient. The diarrhea in this condition might be chronic and last for several days or even months.

Tips For Patients

Diarrhea is one of the digestive conditions that people don’t take seriously on most occasions. However, this condition must be taken seriously because it is a clear indication that there is something wrong with your digestive system and your digestive system can cause the rest of the body to malfunction too. Chronic diarrhea is an even more serious case that must be reported to your doctor before it is too late. Foul smell coming from the stool and white or extremely black colors must be taken seriously and informed to the doctors.

An ethical and professional way of reporting the issue if the condition has been caused by a certain drug or medication is to approach the lawyer and let him know of all that has happened. Consult with your doctor first to know the specific reasons of Spruelike Enteropathy. As mentioned above, celiac disease and tropical enteropathy are conditions with symptoms that are very similar to Spruelike Enteropathy.


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