Like what you see in the mirror

 Excuse my 'jamies. 


I was scrolling through one of my many health and fitness magazines when I came across the cut out that is now permanently taped to my bathroom door as you can see in the picture above. You can only read it correctly through a mirror. I saw it and thought, "I need to see this every day. It will be my new mantra." Like what you see in the mirror.



You see I don't think I've ever fully liked what I saw in the mirror. Being chubby as a child, overweight as a teenager, and obese as a young adult can really do that to someone. Even after losing over a 100lbs it is still a daily struggle. My mindset hasn't fully adapted to my new healthier slimmer body. I don't always see what everyone else sees now. Negative thoughts still somehow find their way into my mind. It's disheartening and a daily struggle that I face.

 Seeing yourself fat for over a decade will do that to you.

I have always always exemplified a girl who is very confident. But in reality it was just me trying to act like it didn't bother me that I was a big girl. But it bothered me. I wasn't completely happy and I was in denial about how big I actually was. No one wants to be unhealthy and out of shape. No one wants to hear themselves huffing and puffing just from walking up a flight of stairs. Or wishing, praying, and crossing fingers that you'll actually be able to fit in the seat of that roller coaster you really want to ride. Or for goodness sakes you don't get stuck being the overweight person that gets placed in the middle seat on the plane. No one wants that. Which is why I made a change. I couldn't stand being fat any longer.

 I was tired of being fat. I wanted to like what I saw in the mirror. I wanted to be able to shop anywhere I wanted to without going into the fitting room to try on something I ALREADY knew wasn't going to fit. I was a size 18/20 trying to fit into a Large at Forever 21 - wasn't going to work. I was ready to shed some pounds or in my case a really skinny person.



Losing the weight wasn't easy and keeping it off is even harder but it is well worth it. I am genuinely happy knowing that I am living a healthier lifestyle. Healthy is happy in my book.

However, I have realized with weight loss you not only have to makeover your body, you have to makeover your mindset. If you don't you'll be in a slimmer body with a negative overweight person's mindset. I now try to say daily mantra's to help me see my body in a more positive light. Not just on the outside but from the inside.


I stop looking at the outer shell and think about all the amazing things my body is now able to do. Just the fact that a few weeks ago I was able to run 10 miles makes me smile. I can do 15 regular push ups now (this is huge to me) &  I may whine but I can knock out some burpees. I hate them. Fitness has become fun to me. It's a huge part of my life now.  It may not seem amazing to some but it's awesomesauce to me. Freaking amaze balls. Most of the time. Let's be honest. Sometimes I don't feel like working out. Mostly because I'm lazy but once I get it done I feel so much better. It's all about the feeling afterwards.

So for anyone out there that may be struggling with their body image I want you to stop picking at your flaws. Look in the mirror and like what you see and if you really just happen to see something you don't like - don't waste time being negative about it - change it and change your mindset too.

EVERYONE is going to have flaws but it is the way you approach your flaws. Don't be negative. Find positive daily mantra's to say. For every negative thought find three positive ones. It may take time but it will be worth it. Trust me.



I am learning to not only like what I see in the mirror but love it.


Start simple, I like my body because _________ {fill in the blank}

I like my body because it allows me to escape my world through running.

I am a runner & I love it.


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