What you should know about traveling to Australia in a Campervan?

Campervan Australia

If you are planning to visit Australia and see the beauty that the country beholds from the east to the west coast, you need to get a campervan and go on a self-drive road trip. Buying or renting a mobile home for travel is surely going to enhance the fascinations of your journey in Australia.

However, there are a lot of things you might need to keep in mind if you decide to get on a campervan road trip on your own. But, worry not as we provide you with some hard-won tips that are absolutely necessary so that you don’t miss out the fun you should have.

Where to find a campervan for yourself?

You need to start researching and trawling through several blogs to find where exactly you can get a campervan, motor-home or RV at cheap in Australia. But, let’s cut that short. Australia has a lot of rental suppliers across all major locations, however, CampervanFinder is what provides you details regarding the best online rates.

Started back in 2006, the company has been helping travelers by sourcing the best online rates and also providing comparative prices from all major hire companies. As a third party agency, CampervanFinder provides you unbiased results to suit to your experience so that you can make the most out of your trip.

Another option that you have is to buy the campervan for yourself. You can visit the travellers car market in Sydney to find campervans or motor-homes at your needs. You can also check local classified sites like Gumtree to get additional details on buying one for yourself.

The costs

You need to have upfront money ready to fulfill the costs of your van, insurance, vehicle registration and roadworthy certificate. That is when you decide to buy a campervan for yourself. Similarly, you also need to perform the mechanical checks before you buy a campervan.

If you rent a motor-home the costs associated with the insurance and registration are already covered.

You also need to perform the mechanical checks before you buy a campervan.

You also should have a driving license in order to travel in a motorhome. It’s always best for you to carry an international driving permit before you travel to Australia.

Things to consider before hiring/buying

The best thing to do other than buying a campervan for yourself is renting it. However, you need to check your requirements and see if it has an inside shower or toilet. Similarly, check the vehicle’s history, fuel type and consumption, battery power, comfort, storage and water tanks.

Also, see if you can cook inside with a small stove and ventilation pre-installed in the van.

Here are a few more things you might need to check out:

  • the instruments inside the cabin all work, from the fuel gauge to the indicators
  • seatbelts
  • tyre tread
  • the breaks, gears, steering all work well without any pulling or vibrating
  • rust or accident damage
  • oil should be honey-coloured and translucent
  • coolant should be clean and not rusty looking
  • no fumes, smoke, or rattles from the engine when it's running (leave the engine running for a while before and after your test drive)
  • the windscreen for cracks or chips.

What equipment to take?

  • plenty of bedding
  • books
  • rechargeable head torches
  • roo whistles
  • 12v power board to plug into cigarette lighter
  • inverter to use dry cell battery charger
  • rechargeable lantern
  • and music (lots of music).

Now, to make the most out of your trip, ride on!