WHAT?! You want me to be CELIBATE?

 How can you possibly do that? You already had  sex before? You're gonna do what?

YES. Celibacy is the new black. For some people they may cringe or laugh at the thought, but celibacy not only cleanses the soul but it brings you to a higher being (in yourself). Sex sells. So we constanly hear about things that are "benefits" of having sex and being sexually active and promiscuous.  YES! sex is Great but ...when one has multiple partners it will can lead to alot of issues such as low self esteem, STDs , unplanned pregnancies, disappointment, hurt because your "spouse" got what he wanted and left, and sooo much more. If you don't have sex with multiple parnters and have a steady boyfriend, there can still be some cons of sex before marriage. You can have an unplanned pregnancies, you can still contract an STD, and most of all you'll leave nothing, no goodies,for marriage. I mean don't you want your marriage to be exciting, something new? Knock your husband off his feet and make him say "WOW this is what I have been waiting for?" LOL.




 OK, I am a 27 year old woman with a child, so being celibate is something very new to me. I decided to practice abstinence from sex for many reasons. The most important one for me is I had such a peace of mind about my sexual health. The anxiety you have after just having casual sex can be tormenting. "Could I have contracted an STD?" "Am I pregnant?" "Ugh, did I have sex with him too soon?" These are some of the thoughts that can creep into your mind after having sex. These thoughts can be alleviated by abstaining from sex.

I have always had thoughts in the past sayimg hmmm, maybe I'll just practice celibacy, but then that thought would dissapear due to my stubborn ways and ignorance to the idea. I was never one to sleep around or have one night stands, I was always in relationships. There is not one relationship that lasted enough for me to think about marraige. When I look back at those relationships I say to myself, " What did I get out of any of these relationships?" Yes, I got a wonderful son who I love completely, but that is the only thing. I mean, dont get me wrong I learned alot from these relationships, alot about myself, others, men and relationships period. Most of alI I learned my self worth and what I look for in a man/partner. I can tell  you a few negative things I experienced in these past relationships: hurt, feeling ashamed, resentment, sadness, insecuritites,  regret, feeling used, and me saying "Why did I even have sex with him?"

 Enough was enough, I decided to give my life to GOD and practice celibacy. For my own good. There are so many pros that come with celibacy till marraige. With waiting for sex till marriage, you are in control. You are in control of your body, your future and your life. You feel self empowered, alive, fresh, and you have pride. I am a very spiritual person so no sex until marriage was something serious to me. The bible talks alot about refraining from sex until marraige. We are all human, we makes mistakes, thats ok. We may mess up, feel pity but that is ok. For those who think ok so no sex? What can we do? Get to know each other deeply and truly. If you are in a relatonship with a man that you love, get to know him inside out. A man that waits for you is a man that would make a great husband. He is not just trying to statisfy his sexual needs he is trying to satisfy YOU and make you happy. If you are in a relationship and choose to try to practice celibacy there are so many hobbies the two of you can do to bring a closer bond.  True love takes a long time, and staying away from sex makes the relationship more stable.  Men are impressed by a woman's sweet and gentle "No," if he has pushed her. It increases his respect and trust in her. It makes him want to be a better man, even if he's been a player in the past. The delightful erotic tension is the beginning of legendary love stories that make for good marriages. Occupy your minds with hobbies, new pets, music, mediation, and much more (seriously there is alot you can do).

You can do it! It is 100% guranteed you will not regret it. Its never too late! Just think about the wonderful love making between you and your partner when you guys are married. It will be mindblowing! You guys will have such trust! MOTIVATE YOURSELF YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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