What you won't do for love?

-What you won’t do for love?


An old skool artist by the name of Bobby Caldwell wrote a song in 1978 called “what you won’t do for love…I was only 3 at the time. It was a hit back then and 36 years later it still keeps any the party in rhythm. Since that time, I have often pondered what would we really do for love? I look around and I am appalled, not at all the attempts and fleeting efforts to chase love, but at the sad misidentification of it. 


Theres a difference in chasing love verses chasing the idea of love. Love is not abusive in any way,its not demeaning or condescending. It doesn’t  make you feel bad about yourself and it certainly doesn’t disrespect or subtract from you on any level.


Ironically enough, True love doesn’t even have to be chased. A spirit that have come into contact with its counterpart, rejoices at the union. Authentic Love will make time, make room,make allowances, make peace; this powerful pureness challenges any opposing forces with it emboldened grace and  its personified tenacity.It brings out the best in the other person and its never jealous or envious at the successes of its focus.


In our pursuits, Be certain that the love you are chasing isn’t an illusion of some ideology that we have created and given life to in our own minds. 


Genuine Love begins from within, if you can’t love yourself……It will be impossible for you to love anyone else…no matter how hard you try.The hardest thing to do in this life, is to try to give someone something that you don’t have.


Start with yourself first . Become the object of your own affection.. What won’t you do for love?

#Life is meant to be enjoyed!


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