So Im on my third pregnancy thats lasted to the 3d trimester. I have had two previous cesareans due to the first one had low amniotic fluid and I never went into labor technically because I was dehydrated or something like that, then the second I was planning a vbac but while in labor with her I had to have a NST and BPP- the ultrasound technician asked me tons of questions while I was having strong contractions but basically she was mad that I was so tiny and asked me things like "have you even gained any weight, this baby is so tiny" "Have you seen the limbs on ultrasound before? I dont think she has any.." Anyways, after this lovely ultrasound I decided I wanted a c section RIGHT AWAY. So I got back up to my room where I find out she passed both tests and she was perfectly fine but they didnt see her limbs and thought she might be underweight. So that hour I had a c section. 

Worst decision I have ever made, not only was she perfectly 6lbs 9oz but she had all her limps and got a 10/10 abgar score. They freaked me out because they didnt want to wait out my labor. Nice eh? SO I then got to recover from surgery while having a newborn AND a 2 1/2 year to take care of. If I had known how hard that would be at the time then I would have just waited for her to be born in her own time. 

After my second c section I felt so discouraged that I would ever deliver naturally and planned to wait a while before getting pregnant again. Well, here I am. 7 Months pregnant with my 3rd just 19 months after my second daughter. At first I was scared, but now? Now I have my game face on. I am NOT letting anyone steal my vbac this time. Dont care who you are or what you try to tell me as long as my baby is healthy he will be born naturally and nothing bad is gonna happen either! Like what makes everyone think they can have an opinion about your body anyway? So many people are telling me I cant do it that at this point I am blocking it out. I am gonna do it, you just wait and see. Ive found supportive midwives as well as a back up OB/GYN just for the incase or to make others feel better about it, I dont personally need that reassurance but you might. Im just at this point where I really dont care what anyone says or thinks anymore. Im tired of hearing it, so I wont anymore. Blocking yall out aiight?

No offense to anyone of course and yea go ahead and comment if you like but opinions mean nothing to me. I know the risks, Ive been studying and reasearching this for 4 years now. All will be well. And if I did need another cs, oh well. But until then, nobody is gonna convince me that it cant be done. Whatever. 

Just wanted to let that out. Have yourselves a fantastic day!



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