What's in the Box?

Only Girl in the World pounds out as we cruise down the suburban avenue. I’m excited and I know why. I wonder if little J is excited for the same reason. Unlikely. His giddiness is probably due to the passing of a stop sign, one of his favorite items to identify as we drive along. A two year old just doesn’t get pumped up about one’s first organic produce box the way his food-loving mother does.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that box. Not even the realization that my pick-up point was a sweat-soaked men’s weight-lifting room managed to make me frown. I’d been expecting a room full of chatty gals oohh-ing and aaahhh-ing over a lush assortment of organics. But this squat man grunting “here you go” and passing me a 40 lb box would have to do. (His offer to help me by holding J’s hand as we crossed the parking lot was much appreciated. I nearly dropped the box twice but at least J was securely attached to the hand of a bodybuilder.)

Back in the car, big box of produce on the back seat, J asks if we can listen to Barney. This would make our ride slightly less fun (for me) than the outbound journey. But thoughts of getting that box home and of opening it up are still making me smile. I decide I can handle a little singing about colors and numbers. Just a little.

We took the box into the kitchen, I drum-rolled on the table and then flipped up the cardboard flaps. J started grabbing at things, “Mommy, I don’t like that cabbage! Mommy, I don’t like that spinach. Mommy, can I have a lemon? Or a cookie?” *sigh*. He got an orange instead and I plopped him in front of Dora so that I could enjoy my discoveries in peace (peace except for that enthusiastically repetitive refrain “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map!“)

My discoveries:

  • one large green cabbage
  • one massive bunch of curly kale (not spinach as J thought)
  • three babyish bok choys
  • a tumble of sugar snap peas
  • a small bunch of brocollini
  • five hard avocados
  • one toddler-head-sized acorn squash
  • fifteen garnet sweet potatoes
  • a pint of tiny red and orange heirloom tomatoes
  • six oranges (to go with the treeful outside that we keep forgetting to eat)
  • nine (yes, NINE) bananas
  • two pints of local strawberries
  • one mostly green rock-of-a-mango

I pace around the kitchen shooting glares at the box. Oh my god. What have I done? Where am I going to put all this food? We cannot eat all of this. I’ll  have to give some to the neighbors. Liz has three boys at home. They can eat it. Well, they probably won’t like the spinachy-kale but maybe she can hide it in a lasagna. Maybe.

No, don’t worry. I didn’t give it to Liz. I didn’t give it to anybody else either. I glared at the box for a little longer then grabbed for the tomatoes. Sooooo good. I spent a few minutes eating crisp globes while doing some pranayama. Then I sorted through the box and came up with a plan.

Find out where I put it all and how we managed to eat it up in the new Cook the Story series: What’s in the Box? Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Your Weekly Organic Produce.

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