What's Edible and Non-Toxic, but Can't Be Posted under Food & Recipes?

For those of you that have not explored the world of lickable, edible lotions and potions, fasten your seat belts.  Edible lotions and potions are one of the most sensational, erotic forms of love play you can get your fingers on. You and your beloved will both love the feel and taste of these tasty lotions.


There are, of course, many different kinds of edibles to choose from.


•    Flavored, lickable warming lotions

•    Edible Body Paints

•    Lickable body spray

•    Lickable warming oils

•    Edible Body Glazes

•    Arousal Gels in flavors (for him and her)


Be sure to check out all of the varieties of each of these categories – researching on this alone will get you primed and ready to move to the next step!


Edible lotion is a tantalizing way of tasting your beloved's beautiful body without having to raid the fridge for leftover chocolate syrup or get the honey out. Not that those can't be fun, too. Edible lotion is just much easier on the sheets than honey.


The first thing you might be wondering is how to use edibles. Well, it's actually as easy as it sounds.


Different products have different textures and flavors. I would begin with choosing the flavor and texture that's right for you and your beloved. If you prefer the romantic sensual massage that a warm oil can give you, edible massage oil does come in a delectable heated form just tantalizing enough to enjoy sensually and erotically.


If you like something a little more wild, I recommend the edible lotion. Edible lotion has the feel of a thick cream and the taste of delicacies such as ice cream sodas or your favorite fruits. The texture of this edible lotion is silky smooth and guaranteed to please even the most hesitant lover.


Whichever potion you choose, I recommend a few things first. For one, put a towel over the sheets. It might not be as romantic, but it will save you from ruining a good pair of linens. Another thing I recommend is to shower first. You're going to taste each other's skin, it's best to be clean. Go and take a sensual erotic shower with your partner and get each other all clean and ready for lickable play.


When you're both ready, simply apply the massage oil or yummy lotion to the places you want to taste and tease your lover and enjoy.


Get creative with your tongue and add some real fruit or champagne for more sensual pleasure. Try different flavors and textures. Edible lotion is one of the most tantalizing toys you can have in your bedroom.



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