What's Everyone Talking About?

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Over the last few episodes of BackTalk we've gotten a lot of excellent feedback from everyone about being featured or what blogs they're currently reading or what shows people like to see in the future. We've been working hard on our next shows and have a lot of great bloggers to feature. It's so nice to see some of you upload those videos that we use on BackTalk!

Looking over the blogs I enjoy I've noticed a trend on the topic of television shows. It seems like they are consuming our lives! People are either upset that their favorite American Idol contestant was booted off (is that the term you crazy kids are using these days?) or an update on how their favorite shows have either captivated them as audience members or have sorely let them down. Lost, Heroes, Chuck, 24 - it seems like writers have a lot of feedback to offer. Watching my Twitter stream it seems, at times, as if you have to completely stay off of those updates for fear that someone will ruin the ending. (And if you write consistently about a show you have to stay on top of the shows initials or else you won't know that SYTYCD stands for So You Think You Can Dance or that ANTM stands for America's Next Top Model.)

Many bloggers have recently come together over the death of children and it seems as if there's no shortage of support for moms like Shana Myers from Gorillabuns or Heather Spohr from The Spohrs Are Multiplying. It's not a new topic because other moms like Tanis Miller from Redneckmommy and Loralee from Loralee's Looney Tunes have written about losing a child, too. What amazes me about watching these mothers write eloquently about their lives is that they seem to have so much strength and support to offer one another. Yet, it's not just them. Collectively it seemed as if the whole blogosphere came together to say, Yes, we feel the loss, too. Passion seems like an inadequate word to describe these mothers, but it's the best I can do.

What's going on in your blogworld? Do you have topics you'd like to see covered? How about being featured on an upcoming show?

We'd love to hear from you. What is everyone talking about?


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