Announcing the BlogHer '09 Call for Ideas

While we're working on finalizing our BlogHer '09 venue contract, so we can announce that by the end of the month, I am happy to keep BlogHer '09 on your mind by announcing the Call for Ideas for BlogHer '09. If you're thinking this announcement seems earlier than last year, you are correct! We aim to have this Call for Ideas running for a month and to be able to announce at least a skeleton schedule before the end of the year! Question: Why a "Call for Ideas" and not a "Call for Speakers" or "Call for Proposals" or something like that? ...more

I haven't read all the comments here yet, so maybe this has been visited already.

In ...more

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president on Meet the Press

"Either one of them would be a good president, but which of them is the president we need now?" asked former Secretary of State and retired Gen. Colin Powell on Meet the Press today. His answer: Barack Obama. Powell told Tom Brokaw: ...more

This is also the statement that Obama should have made the first time being Muslim became a ...more

Sponsored: Conversations from the BlogHer Reach Out Tour

Check out their video interviews taken from the floor of the conferences on Boston and Washington, DC and learn more about Conversations with Playtex® from BlogHer. ...more

Last presidential debate of 2008 tonight: Watch with us here!

Tonight's your last opportunity to watch two men who would be president, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, take questions about how they would lead the United States. Will you watch? What's the one question you would ask if you were Moderator Bob Schieffer? (Ellen Bravo has some great questions for both campaigns left over from her post "What Women Wish Gwen Ifill Could Have Asked.") ...more

Kids are turned away from universities all over the country right now - community colleges in ...more

Sponsored: Notes from the Road

After providing vehicles to bloggers carpooling to BlogHer '08 in San Francisco, GM once again graciously offered to sponsor carpools for the Boston and DC Reach Out Tour stops. Six groups from across the East Coast and Canada drove in-style in the latest models from GM's Saturn line. These carpools not only provided cost-effective transportation, but were a great opportunity for the participating bloggers to get to know each other and have fun along the way. Check out their updates and Twitter feeds here. ...more

BlogHer DC - The Liveblogs

BlogHer DC kicks off bright and early on October 13, 2008. This is the place to find the liveblogs, which will be posted shortly after the sessions end. Check back often as the links go live! * * * * * * *   Blogging Basics: I Blog, Therefore I Am… How to find your blogging mojo Online Community building as natural promotional tool ...more

Thank goodness Laurie blogged it for us!

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BlogHer Boston - The Liveblogs

BlogHer Boston kicks off bright and early on October 11, 2008. This is the place to find the liveblogs, which will be posted shortly after the sessions end. Check back often as the links go live! * * * * * * * ...more

You can view footage I streamed live of the Final Keynote from my phone at: more

First Time In Five Years: Dow Plunges Below 9k

My brother and I happened to be watching the Dow plummet as the mailperson came and we all got our 401K statements. I watched him shake his head as his slowly opened the envelope, take out the paper, and sigh. My husband's is still sitting on the counter. I'm not going to bother opening it. What's the point? ...more

It's bargain hunting time! That's my positive spin, at any rate. Stuff is cheap. With 30 ...more

Notes from the Presidential Debate

Neither heavy rain nor three thousand members of the media all crowded into one large tent nor the realization that Greta Van Susteren can't possibly weigh more than 90 pounds could keep me from last night's presidential debate. ...more

Thanks for the name calling, by the way.

If you vote for McCain, I would have to say ...more

Live-blog of 2008 Presidential Debate II: Nashville Town Hall Meeting

Join as we live-blog tonight's second presidential debate of Election 2008. Talk about timing -- the same day that the Dow Jones Industrial average fell 508.39 points, "the blue-chip index's worst five-day point loss ever," reports Cindy Perman, presidential candidates John McCain (R-Az.) and Barack Obama (D-Il.) will answer questions at a town hall meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. ...more

Yeah, interesting how Pakistan would take it the wrong way too.  Guess he really needs to be ...more