Happy Fourth! Hey, can your kid or spouse hold this lit firework?

Last night at my 'hood's annual block party, one of my neighbors pulled up a lawn chair and started lighting firecrackers and handing them to kids. Some kids threw them on the ground next to their own feet. Others threw them on the neighbors' lawns. Then I said in a lady-like tone, "THAT IS AMAZINGLY STUPID AND SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT. BUT NOT US," and stomped home, family in tow. ...more

Hey! I'm new to BlogHer but had to post here after a horrible July 4th.  I noticed my neighbor ...more

Williams sisters at Wimbledon! Venus won their singles match, will they dominate doubles?

"I think the right word to use in a situation like this is "dominant," writes BlogHer Sports CE Sarah who knows a little something about tennis. "Tomorrow will mark the third time the sisters will be meeting each other at the Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Final. Then a couple of hours later they will be playing as a team in the Ladies' Doubles Finals." ...more

The woman Venus defeated in the semis, Elena Dementieva, made a comment about the winner of ...more

Do YOU know what's wrong with Jenny?

The parents of a 14-year-old quadraplegic say they have NO scientific evidence that HPV vaccine Gardasil caused their daughter's neurological disorder, nor do they want to turn her into "a poster child for any of the many anti-Gardasil campaigns." Instead, they're blogging to try to find other cases like hers to save her life -- girls with pre-existing conditions that may have made them susceptible to a catastrophic reaction to the HPV vaccine. ...more

I had not researched Gardasil before my daughter my ten year old daughter went in for a routine ...more

New BlogHer Profiles - Create Yours and Click Others'

Last night, my insomnia paid off. I was awake to watch the long awaited re-launch of BlogHer profiles and for once, I was glad for the insomnia. The profiles are fantastic. Here's what you'll see if you click on my name or my picture anywhere on BlogHer.com. Denise's Profile. Here's what you need to do to personalize yours. ...more

And they're working great!


Dopp Juice.


What can the world do for Zimbabwe?

Now that Zimbabwe has voted in what Kaiteykat calls "Dr. Evil's Election," the U.S. is advocating sanctions. Do you think the U.S. should get involved, or will we do more harm than good? ...more

Well, I am not sure what the U.S. should do on a policy level I do want to support people in ...more

Are you going to see Wall-E this weekend?

Jenna Worthman says, "Behind Wall-E's puppy-dog binocular eyes lies a deep-rooted message: If we don't clean up our act, our Roombas are going to inherit the Earth.", at Wired. Roombas. Hah. Are you going to see Wall-E? ...more

I don't remember when I've laughed this much in a movie.  By the time they got to the spork ...more

100% Colombian Coffee Adventure - Story, Photos and Video

LeahPeah blogged her Colombian Coffee Adventure - have you seen her posts, photos and videos? Amazing! ...more

 Thanks Denise For that Wonderful Post.Really Feeling like going out there...Cant Wait hope ...more

The BlogHer Photo Banner: Submit Your Flickr Photos!

Now that we've all adjusted to the new and beautiful BlogHer, it's time for you to submit your Flickr photos for the photo banner at the top of the page. We would love to have a lot of new photos to choose from so that we can change the photos every day. Here's what you need to do to submit your photos: 1) You need to be a member of Flickr and have the photos you'd like to share available on Flickr with the creative commons commercial license. ...more

So I guess we all write carefully but don't read carefully. I submitted some yesterday w/out ...more

Your interest sparked a podcast interview with Lisa Belkin

Remember the post Jory wrote, Is sharing the work between parents for suckers?, after reading Lisa Belkin's story in the NY Times magazine - Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Belkin took it to the next level with a podcast interview. Join their conversation. ...more

R.I.P. George Carlin

George Carlin has died of heart failure at the age of 71. Tributes are flying around the blogosphere and twitosphere. Are you saying goodbye? Leave your thoughts and your links. Image Credit: Comedy Central ...more

Didn't know you were doing this today. I have a reference to a favorite of mine at Indexed in my ...more