Brokaw to moderate Meet the Press through the election

It's official. Tom Brokaw will moderate Meet the Press through the '08 presidential election. Was there really any chance that Matthews or Mitchell would get the job? Image Credit: NY Times ...more

Election 08: Twitter Debate

If you're a Twitter addict or even if you aren't, check out the Twitter Debate between @LizMair (McCain camp) and @MikeNelson (Obama camp). Follow #pdf2008 or use summize to search for pdf2008 updates. ...more

It's a girl! Jamie Lynn is a mom. Do you care?

Maddie Briann, 7lbs 11oz, was born Thursday morning. Jamie Lynn Spears (and family) did not announce the birth, but it's all over the newswire. Is this news? Image Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles, file ...more

has said it best.

I am not really interested in that she gave birth. It IS interesting ...more

Election 08: Obama changes his mind about public financing

Senator Obama changed his mind about participating in the public financing system for presidential elections. Senator Obama is the first major party candidate in history to decline public financing. Was this a good decision by Senator Obama? ...more

It's a great idea! I'm glad he's doing things in the general election that show he is ...more

Is the AMA trying to ban homebirth?

There's a buzz in the blogosphere that says the AMA is backing legislation that will ban home birth. As you might guess, that's made some people very angry. There are those who say that the AMA is NOT trying to legislate a ban against home birth. The debate continues... The AMA, Ricki Lake and Banning Home Birth ...more

Is "Shared Parenting" for Suckers?

After reading a piece about parents “sharing the work,” Jory Des Jardins wonders if it is possible for women to "have it all." How do you juggle career and family? Don't miss the piece written by Jory, Is "sharing the work" between parents for suckers? and the interesting comments from the community. Image Credit: NY Times ...more

Blogstorm: Bloggers Boycott the AP

Blogworthy or not so much? Two of BlogHer's editors have blogged it, now we'd like your take on the AP's policy and the boycott. CE Kim Pearson blogged the Blogger Boycott of the AP and CE Morra Aarons joined the discussion with a slightly different opinion, AP content is not a public good. ...more

What do you think of's makeover?

We have a new look, a new feed of your Flickr photos and more... Click here to find out more. ...more

Both Alyssa's and Bob's ideas are on our "to do list". Lisa and I specifically talked about ...more