The Presidential Debate - Mired in the Middle

I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. I'm not liberal and I'm not conservative. I'm moderate and I'm Independent. I vote for the candidate, not the party, and typically my ballots include votes for members from both parties. So at this point in the presidential election, I'm feeling a little lost.   ...more

The SC selected Bush in 2000 by a 5-4 majority; he has appointed more conservative judges ...more

BlogHer honored with the Anita Borg Social Impact us decide how to use the prize money

Today, on behalf of Lisa, Jory and me, I have the great pleasure and honor of announcing that BlogHer was chosen as the 2008 recipient of The Anita Borg Social Impact Award. The Award comes with $10,000 in prize money, and we'd like to get your advice on how to give back with that money in a way that captures the BlogHer community's spirit, considering it is both your spirit and your accomplishments that are at the heart of winning this award. First, the facts: ...more

I'd really love to see the $10,000 go towards helping women blogging from all around the ...more

BlogHer's live-blog of tonight's VP Debate: Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Joe Biden and Moderator Gwen Ifill

UPDATE: See the bottom of this post for a live-blog of the debate, starting soon... Here we go! In song and in art, the BlogHer-sphere is roiling over tonight's televised debate by the candidates for vice president, Democratic Senator Joe Biden and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. ...more

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We've joined the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge in support of public schools

Starting today, the blogosphere is banding together in support of public education by helping to raise funds for projects submitted by teachers through DonorsChoose. While Fortune Magazine and a lot of bloggers are going to call this a competition, I'd rather call it a community effort. We can all work together to make a difference and help students and teachers achieve important goals. Here's how you can help. ...more

Sherry, aka Mrs. F, I am thrilled you saw what we're doing. I really hope we can raise the money ...more

Bailout Measure FAILS House Vote, Dow Falls, Next Steps Unclear

In a very tight vote, the house has defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue package despite pleas from bipartisan congressional leaders for approval. The plan was called the most sweeping government intervention in markets since the great depression and would have created federal programs to buy up bad assets and loans. ...more

I am convinced that rationally the bailout plan is necessary to avoid our economy falling into a ...more

Liveblogging the debate: Oxford, Mississippi

I'll be liveblogging the debate, in this thread, tonight at 9pm ET. Join me and share your impressions of both candidates as the evening progresses. Ari Melber at HuffPo says Obama probably can't win the debate, American Princess has some predictions and Punditmom has some requests. Do you have predictions or requests of your own? ...more

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Dana H ...more

Nancy Hicks Maynard: Trailblazing Journalist

Nancy Hicks Maynard, the first black female reporter at The New York Times, a co-founder of an institute to provide training to journalists of color, and along with her husband, the first person of color to own a major city daily newspaper, died on Sunday, Sept. 21. She was only 61, but as journalism professor and BlogHer Contributing Editor Kim Pearson said in an email about Hicks Maynard, "She accomplished a lot in 61 years." ...more

 I am so sorry to hear this news. This saddened me very much.

I was at Channel 2 ...more

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What are you doing to inspire creativity in your kids? Tell us your ideas and you could get a free gift or win a prize from our sponsor. Enter now! ...more

First, keep the TV off and go outside.  Second we make up stories one son asks ...more

Thousands of voices, one search: BlogHer Network Search Beta

We're excited to unveil a new service: The BlogHer Network Search Beta, powered by BlogHer Network Search is a customized search engine designed to help users easily find great writing by women who blog - on AND beyond. By default, BlogHer's search will now return results from the many blogs in our publishing network. If you wish only to search the site, please select "" to narrow results. ...more

Thanks for asking. Our agreement with Lijit calls for compliance with BlogHer's terms & ...more

Sponsored: What's your "second chance" story?

To mark the release of "Nights in Rodanthe" next week, we asked bloggers to tell their stories of a second chance at happiness. Share your own story for a chance to win from our sponsor! ...more

When I was 19 a wonderful man, 22, fell for me.  He dated around and came back to me telling ...more