GOP Convention: Women as Leaders

Women are a swing vote this year, so I managed to get over to the Lifetime Networks Young Women's Leadership Summit, part of their everywomancounts campaign. They were in Denver last week and the bus rolled in to St. Paul yesterday. I took a short video (my first, it worked!, shown below) and captured part of Rep. Marsha Blackburn's talk. Blackburn has been in Alaska and Iraq and had a few observations about leadership, and Gov. Sarah Palin. ...more

Liveblogging RNC: Cindy McCain & Laura Bush

I'll be liveblogging Mrs McCain and Mrs Bush live at the RNC. Mrs McCain is proud to stand next to Mrs Bush. She urges us to join together to help states in need. As her husband says, "this is the time to take off our republican hats and put on our American hats." Go to to help aid those effected by Gustav. Now, Laura Bush.... Americans are known for coming to the aid of their fellow citizens... ...more

I expected about five minutes more out of Mrs Bush but understand why it was so short and so ...more

Goodbye Denver, hello Twin Cities: BlogHer goes to the RNC - what should we ask?

This Monday, BlogHer kicks off our coverage of the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul. As in Denver last week, we're sending a this small, partisan team to the GOP convention. We're already armed with these questions from last week, but what would you add? Here's the team: (1) BlogHer at the RNC: ...more

...related to the announcement of Bristol Palin's pregnancy:

  • Elanas: more
  • Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Confirmed as McCain VP

    This morning rumors were flying that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would be confirmed as Senator John McCain's VP and American Princess was so excited that she live blogged it. Punditmom was also interested in the rumor and blogged it, too. Share your thoughts on this pick. Good for women? Good for republicans? Good for America? What do you think? Also see previous blog posts about Sarah Palin: ...more

     It is so heartening to read a comment like yours.

    To hear the GOP speak, all of our ...more

    Hurricane Gustav: New Orleans mayor orders evacuation as social networks offer help

    New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin has ordered the evacuation of his city, reports The New York Times - and this time it's mandatory. According to's breaking news page, Gustav looks bigger and badder than Katrina, and nearly 20-foot waves have already been spotted in the Caribbean. ...more

    We can't control the weather, unfortunately, so those of us who live along the South ...more

    Live Blog Discussion of Senator Barack Obama's acceptance speech

    And now we come to the finale. Sen. Barack Obama will mount a podium at the Invesco Field to tell the 70,000 assembled there that he accepts the Democratic Party's nomination for President. His speech is scheduled for 10 pm EST, but I plan to open the live chat an hour early to have a chance to talk about the warm-up events 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (LOCAL) Remarks John Kuniholm Wounded Iraq veteran Live Performance Michael McDonald Singer/songwriter Remarks Susan Eisenhower ...more

    My god, we did try to enter the more

    @DNC: BlogHers on the future of women in politics (a BlogHim weighs in), Ferraro, the Clintons and living "The Dream"

    As BlogHers prepare to watch the first black man in American history accept the presidential nomination from a major political party, we are talking about everything from Martin Luther King, Jr. the future of women in politics -- according to BlogHers AND a BlogHim. Don't miss: * Heather Clisby: Have you seen Heather's photos from the DNC? Check out her coverage of the cool, the crazy and the creativity with a few celebrity sightings tossed in for good measure. ...more

    WOC Bloggers Share What Hillary Clinton's Speech Meant to Them

    In Part 2 (you can see Part 1 here) of our interview with four women of color bloggers at the DNC, Pam Spaulding, Liza Sabater, Shireen Mitchell and Cheryl Contee talk about what Hillary Clinton's campaign and speech at the convention meant to them. ...more

    The only speaker still alive from MLK Jr's March on Washington, Georgia Rep. John Lewis, did an ...more

    Hillary Clinton Calls for Vote by Affirmation - Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee

    Hillary Clinton came out representing New York minutes ago and proclaimed that her state was giving all of their votes to Senator Obama, then she called for an affirmation to suspend the roll call and vote as one body to support Barack Obama as president. Nancy Pelosi asked for a second, there were hundreds, and she asked for a vote, the house roared, and she announced he is the official nominee of the Democratic party. We've made history. ...more

    the typically hidden opinions of women -- we don't get parity on op-ed pages or on television -- ...more

    @DNC VIDEO: Interviews with Jeanne Shaheen, Susan Markham, Valerie Jarrett, Liz Figueroa and CNN

    BlogHer's DNC team has had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a number of influential Democrats since Erin Kotecki Vest appeared on CNN yesterday. We asked them how delegates can come together, what Obama will need to do to win and more about their opinions of Election 2008. What do you think of their answers? You can watch the videos here: ...more