UPDATE 3: Rep. Stephanie Tubbs dead at 58, Championed Voting Rights and Women's Health

UPDATING : Tributes are pouring in from around the country to mourn the death of Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, 58. The five-term representative was declared dead at 6:12 pm EST according to a statement from her family and officials at Huron Hospital in Cleveland where she being treated for a brain aneurysm that occured Tuesday night. Conflicting reports about Tubbs Jones' medical condition were issued throughout the day, saying first that her condition was stable, then that she had died, and later, that she was alive but in critical conditon. More detail in the updates and comments below. ...more

Your reporting from the ground in Ohio has been invaluable in helping to capture this awful ...more

Social Media is for Introverts!

Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore recently outed himself as an introvert. The news was somewhat surprising given that Pete socializes extensively both online and off. I know, I have proof. That's me pictured below with Pete in the crappy cell phone picture at BlogHer '08 after @QueenofSpain kidnapped him off the streets of San Francisco when we randomly passed him by. ...more

I write as I think, literally, which means that the thought of composing something in my head in ...more

You showed your Old Bay Love

You got "creative with the can" and now Old Bay has made their decision. The winner of the $5000 backyard party from Old Bay is... Coolmomma08. What a fun entry, she definitely got creative with the can. ...more

Updated: Bill Gwatney died today after shooting at Arkansas Democratic Headquarters

Chairman Bill Gwatney died this afternoon after being shot several times at the Arkansas Democratic Party Headquarters. The gunman was also killed after a police chase ended in gunfire. Reactions are coming in... watch Twitter for initial reactions and links. ...more

I don't think they doubt it's the right one, but he's dead, too - not sure how many answers ...more

How to avoid a lawsuit: Tips for bloggers

On the heels of Virginia DeBolt's post, "Blogger sued for $20 million," Professor Kim Pearson has written this guide to "information and resources that can help protect you not only from libel suits, but also from other kinds of legal snares as well." Join the conversation here - I'm closing comments below in order to keep the conversation in one place. ...more

BlogHer TV: The video archive of BlogHer '08 (add yours!)

From cameo moments during the community keynote to CNNi interviews with women on how BlogHers want to cover Election 2008, Elisa Camahort Page brings you the full BlogHer video archive here. Enjoy! ...more

Marketing a candidate online - "Barack's VP: Be the First to Know"

The Obama for President campaign has emailed donors with the promise that if they sign up by email or text message, they will receive advance notice of who Obama's pick for Vice President will be. Kim Pearson has the story here, along with news that Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama will headline the Democratic convention. ...more

I signed up and carrying my cell phone around - waiting . . .


What's your question for Kelly Park of "How To Look Good Naked"?

"Do you hate your body?" asks BlogHer Contributing Editor Megan Smith. "Do you avoid looking in the mirror for fear of what you'll see? Well Kelly Park and Carson Kressley of Lifetime Television's "How To Look Good Naked" may be able to help. And without liposuction, facelifts, butt lifts or tummy tucks..." ...more

Genetics researchers claim they've created two new pills the media's dubbed exercise in a ...more

Olympics: Open thread

Are you watching? It's been a wild 48 hours in Beijing. Stunning official opening ceremonies. Alternative opening ceremonies by protesters, including Mia Farrow. Now we're getting to the games -- are you watching and who are you rooting for? ...more

Barbara's Travels...at home in the world!


John Edwards' affair: News or not?

There's a roiling BlogHer-on-BlogHer debate going on here, inspired not in small part by the popularity of Elizabeth Edwards, blogger and BlogHer '07 keynoter. Related links in Denise's post include Mrs. Edwards' own post on the topic and posts by the writers of Momocrats.com, originally started by bloggers who wanted to elect John Edwards president. ...more

I don't understand. If you are referring to the perception that feminism only speaks to equal ...more