McCain, Obama campaigns agree: New Yorker cover isn't satire. How about you?

"Is this funny? asks BlogHer Lovebabz about The New Yorker's new cover cartoon, depicting a machine-gun-draped Michelle Obama fist-bumping Barack Obama, dressed in Muslim garb. Nearby, an American flag burns in the fire. No, responded both presidential candidates. The McCain campaign has issued a statement supporting the Obama campaign's opinion word for word, according to Jonathan Martin of Politico. ...more

Never assume that people will understand satire. We have discovered over the last two elections ...more

Want a 90% return on your donation to save this rock? The Girl Effect VIDEO

You know, I hate preachy do-gooder videos that make me cry and feel guilty for living. This is not one of those. Britt Bravo's eye-opening post is the first thing my kids are watching this morning, right after they eat their milk and cereal this morning and before YuGiOh. I think they'll like it. Do you agree - did get it right? (Check out Britt's post to see who's behind it, very interesting...) ...more

Thanks for your comments.  I think more companies are going to move to cause marketing ...more

Apple iPhone: Was it a good day or a bad day?

We thought about standing in line at the Apple store today, but we didn't and from the tweets and the blog posts, it looks like that was a good call on our part. Did you stand in line for the iPhone 3G? Was it a good day or a bad day? ...more

After checking the availability of the iPhone at my local Apple store every day and every ...more

Katie Couric kicks off BlogHer: VIDEO

At the invitation of the Silicon Valley Moms Group, Katie Couric has taped a welcome-to-BlogHer '08 message for all of you. Here's the video: Complete with fabulous shoes -- now THAT's a BlogHer in the making. ...more

A little heavy on the Moms-going-to-BlogHer theme (hellllooo, plenty of child-free women are ...more

Registration open today for BlogHer Atlanta, Boston, D.C., Greensboro, Nashville, NOLA

Can't join us in San Francisco? Good news: BlogHer's bringing a one-day conference to these towns. More here. ...more

Twitter: Jumping the shark or hotter than ever?

In "Twitter Tweaker to Twitter Quitter: Confessions of a former Twitter addict," SJ describes how she kicked the 140-character habit and saved her blog. Meanwhile, Jory's asking for help to get her Twitter on. How about you - going strong or getting over it? Illustration: ...more

Scared....but going to try it!  I am so new to all of this.



Tune in: BlogHer "A Year of Crockpotting" on Rachael Ray July 9!

Looky! The Crockpot Lady's been keeping a secret from us. Tune in tomorrow and check her out. ...more

Steph, you were fantastic! Too, too fun!

Kalyn Denny

Hey photographers: Have a great pic of someone getting dolled up? BlogHer wants to buy it!

Susan Wagner and crew are cooking up a terrific new approach to beauty that BlogHer's launching soon, and we want to feature a few great photos of women getting dolled up. That can mean everything from washing your face to putting on (ow!) eyeliner (whoops!) with a brush. Do you have a photo you'd like to recommend? We'll pay $50 to use the one or two we choose for four weeks. Bring 'em on! ...more

I have some great ones of little girls getting all dolled up for a ballet recital - complete ...more

When do you consider singing the national anthem unpatriotic?

BlogHer's Maria Niles has a terrific wrap-up of Jazz Singer Rene Marie's decision to sing the black national anthem at Denver's mayoral state of the city speech yesterday, including a YouTube clip of the performance and the fact that presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama has now been asked to comment on the jazz singer's decision. It's a great conversation - join us! Photo credit: ...more

Turning a presidential candidate into a spokesman for an entire race is already tired!

Lisa ...more

Judge orders Google to hand over YouTube usernames, viewing data

What do you think of this? From The New York Times: Google Told to Turn Over User Data of YouTube, By Miguel Helft ...more

Yes. that's awful. I can understand wanting to somehow make sure that people do no infringe ...more