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Furry Baby

Shiny Clean Fur After a Bath

In the previous posts, I have simply called our new furry baby, “Our Westie.” And then I introduced a nickname that my mom, his grandnana, gave him, “Prince”, because in a very short time he had become a very special, spoiled and babied 5th child to us. Furry, but none the less, a real baby to us.

” Ew.” You know, like…buying your furry child clothes, taking him for special haircuts, calling him baby names, etc.. Yes, it’s all true of me…. now. I even make sure his hair stays parted down the middle. Well, it looks so cute!! And yes, I have even broken down and bought clothes for him.I definitely didn’t start out to become “one of those moms.” In fact, up until his arrival, I made fun of those moms. I’ll stop at the confessional part… because well, I meant it at the time. But, funny how things change in life. Some also call it eating crow. You know, you end up doing what you said you would never do when you see someone else doing it and go,


Change Of Names

So without further delay, here is how we arrived at his name. His name tag read a ghostly kind of name. One that we all said, “No way does that fit him.” Since the kids prayed for him and my daughter wants everyone to remember that she cried for him, we decided to call him Angelo. We felt he was sent from heaven when our prayers were answered. It couldn’t be just Angel because we felt that was more of a girl name so we settled on the Italian boy version… Angelo.  Not much time passed when we knew this name couldn’t Stick.

The S Naming Of A Scottish Dog

To start, we named our Scottish dog an Italian name. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal but then we realized we already had two cats with S names. In keeping with the S tradition, we concluded that maybe we should find a name beginning with the letter S. No, we weren’t watching Sesame Street with the letter of the day being S while we were trying to name him. That comes later.

Really, from the get go, he was following my daughter around constantly. At first, his followings of her were way more than anyone else. Did I say followings or shadowing? Well, “Followings” for a name wouldn’t make the cut but “Shadow” maybe would.

On our first travels with him we stopped in a town of Elliott. We had already settled on a name but contemplated Elliott for a Short and brief moment. It was a sweet name and we could see him as an Elliott. Well, if it weren’t for the name starting with the pesky “E.” That just didn’t fit the “S” genre. The name Elliott was eliminated from the name contest.

The Name That Stuck

There were several more names that were considered. They have since made the nickname cut. Names like Shoeshine,Wooly Bear, Buddy, and one other S name that could have made the cut… Snufalufagus. Here’s where the Sesame Street reference comes in. Hey, he was very wooly and furry when he first delivered himself to us. And…. it is an “S” name.

Ultimately, he just couldn’t shake the name Shadow. It’s the name that Stuck. Although recently,when we were in NYC with our Shadow, he was given yet another name from a random walking by us person ….”Toto.” Apparently, she didn’t realize that Toto from Wizard of Oz is a cairn breed of terrier and its color is black. If only Wizard of Oz was currently playing on Broadway. Then I would’ve steered her in the right direction to learn about breed of dogs.

Well, What Would You Have Named Him?

I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt…. maybe she just got our Shadow confused with Toto as a celebrity because of the Little Cesar dog commericals. And that’s okay because everyone in NYC loved him. He was a celebrity to everyone that pointed at him as we walked down the streets and said, “Oh, how cute.” We even had to stop and let Shadow pose for the camera while a tourist took a picture of him. Evidently, the streets of NYC became ” his runway.”

So there you have it… Shadow it is. Well, what would you have named him?


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