What's in a name?

So here it is, my first blog. Well, actually its my second blog - I have another blog I use for family and friends, to keep them up to date. This one is for me. And you?

Choosing a name for myself and my blog was actually very hard. How do I sum up who I am in a phrase?? So who am I? I'm a woman. I'm 36 but feel 30. 25 on a good day. I'm the wife of a man I love dearly. I'm the mother of a toddler son that I adore. I'm the daughter of two wonderful, amazing parents.  I was a marketing manager but now I'm a 'stay at home Mum'. I'm English (thus the 'Mum' thing). I'm an ex-pat, living in a small suburban town about 20 miles south of San Francisco. I'm a Christian. I used to be a cyclist but now I'm more of a runner.  So you can see how hard it was to pick one facet of me to use as a name, as a brand.

So I picked 'Wiltshire Girl' as that is where I am from. Wiltshire - a beautiful, rural, quiet county in the South of England, about 2 hours south east of London. I grew up there from the age of four until I left home to go to Uni at 18. But it's home. The rolling hills full of wheat or rape, the gentle rivers meandering through the fields. The villages, full of thatched cottages. Salisbury with its glorious cathedral. Stonehenge, shrouded in mystery. That's my home. That's the place where I exhale.




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