What's in a Name? mom.NINJA?


There is some exciting news in the land of domains and URLS. The WWW and our friends at GoDaddy have released a whole lot of awesome domain extensions.

Just think of  the fun you could have with  .NINJA. Seriously. That is just too much. Don't you just want to register all of your kids' names because, well you can own joshua.NINJA or mom.NINJA!

OR if you are not feeling like a ninja, how about...

.EXPERT Now, I think that you actually have to be one to buy that extension. But think of the real world possibilities.






But wait, there are more awesome extensions....

.photography, .club, .tips, .solutions, oh the places we will go!

These extensions are very, very new. So even though they are extremely FUN there are a few downsides that I have noticed so far.

--- You can only register these at GoDaddy, you are not able to register these at all Domain Registrars, however you can point these domains to any host (if I have lost you, don't worry we can help)

-- On tablets, I have noticed that when you hand type jimheywood.photography (a site that we built) it pulls up a google search, you have to type in the HTTP://  in order to get to the site.

So, what do you think? What extension would you like to have? What new name do you want?



Megan of Clapping Dog Media

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