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Suddenly I felt light headed and nausea after doing a HUGE upload on to my 5 year old Flickr account. Confusion and dismay filled my happy garden world as I clicked over to my photostream to find over 1,000 photos GONE - What??? I immediately started clicking around on the Flickr URL to see if a gallery was hidden in a new archive. I Googled 'Vanishing Photos on Flickr' to find only google posts from my circle of friends who were using the network but nothing indicating any issues. It's been 3 days and 500 new photos later and I have yet to find what the issue may have been to cause over 1,000 photos on my free Flickr account to vanish. My experience from this mystery mishap has inspired me to share with my network some basic tips and new features that I have found on the Flickr network. As I mentioned above I have found no articles about missing images on the Flickr site that references the issues I had this past week. From the research and experimenting on my own trying to recreate what may have happen I would like to share some uploading tips. One of my sets to disappear was my #fallfest11 image collection. I had slideshows and links leading to all these images on the web. This collection had over 4,000 views from October 2011 event at GreensGrow Farm in the Philly area. Thankfully, I had a back up of these images and was able to upload them to the site again. However, the broken links on additional websites and twitter shares I can not fix.   #1 thing to remember is to ALWAYS backup your photos. DO NOT rely on photo sharing sites to be your library. The only thing that saved me from what could have been a disaster is that I have a DVD copy of my images as well as an external hard drive filled with all images. Uploading to Sets on Flickr.com I'm crazy about trying to keep organized especially when it comes to my images. I like to create sets on the Flickr site to keep different gardens I've visited or events all in one collection. Flickr allows you many options to stay organized but today I'm going to share the 'set' organizing option. To create a set you will go to your photo stream. You will find a link to that at the top of your Flickr homepage once you are signed in to your account. Once you are on your page click on the Organize & Create link at the top. Once you are in your organize & create page you will see an option for Sets. If you click on that tab it will give you many options so be sure to pick 'create a set'. You will have to pick at least 1 image from the photo scroll bar at the bottom of the page to place in this set before you can complete this process. Above is what my Organize & Create Flickr page. I found that if I create a set in using this option and then upload my photos on the URL main page images did not disappear. Uploading Images Once I've created a set in the Organize & Create page I can return to my photostream and upload images placing them in the set with tags and descriptions with ease. Iphone Flickr App Another option of sharing that is new with Flickr is the Free iPhone App. You can download this at the itunes store at this link: App Store / Flickr . This newly updated app allows you to upload multiple images at one time and has an improved video upload option. I have not used the video options yet but I love the new multiply image upload option allowing me to share all those fun photos I've captured with my iphone. I'm all about sharing images during the day and ending my day with a few shares on my #instagram account. With the new features on Flickr mobile I may just have to have a night cap with them as well. I hope these quick tips help you have an enjoyable experience sharing images using the Flickr network. I'll keep you posted if I have any additional missing sets but for now these are the options that are keeping me sharing and connecting on the largest photo sharing network on the web.



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