What's Next When Your Kid Has a BMW?

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We didn't have any super-rich kids where I grew up, but I remember some of my classmates getting brand-new, midsize sedans for their sixteenth birthdays. When I asked my parents for one, they said something to the extent of "but then what would you have to look forward to?" And when my husband and I bought our first-ever (and only) new car? It did feel very grown-up.

bmw wheel

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Do you think we teach kids to expect the world to be handed to them when we indulge their financial whims? Kristen Daukas from Four Hens and a Rooster does.

A generation of over-achievers is raising a generation of over-”expecters.” This is the generation that will soon step into the world as tax paying, voting individuals and quite frankly, it scares the crap out of me. They will have no concept of what it means to want something and having to wait for it. I just don’t get how these parents think that they’re doing their kids any favors by catering to every single whim – simple or outrageous. I’m already seeing a few of the parents having to deal with the monsters they’ve created and in some ways, it’s really sad to watch them with their palms to the air wondering “what is going wrong here?”.

When did we move from a society of wanting to expecting? There is a huge difference in the two.

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