What's Sitting Under Your TV?

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I read carrie actually's post called I'm Going Streaming Only with my Netflix Plan and it occurred to me that she's part of a big trend.

You're probably part of the trend, too.

A look under my TV shows the direction I'm headed. At my house, the VCR is on a shelf in the garage. The DVD player is under the TV for now. I use it to play video from Netflix that isn't available for streaming. There's a Wii under the TV that streams Netflix for me. Finally there's a DVR that records TV shows I'm not able to watch at the time they air.

Don't forget the computer, which I use to watch movies and TV shows on Hulu.com or on the web sites of various network TV channels. I can also stream movies from Netflix on my computer. In fact, I can stream movies from Netflix on my iPhone. I don't own an iPad, but I'm guessing the answer is yes to does iPad+Netflix=streaming.

Is that not a trend?

Streaming movies into your life from multiple devices might also put an end to The Battle of the {Netflix} Queue that Mommyboots wrote about.

According to Busy Mom Reviews, Nexflix streams on X-Box 360 and PlayStation3. There are a few other devices she didn't mention: Apple TV, Logitech Revue with Google TV, some Blu-Ray players, TVs with Blu-Ray players, a Tivo, or a Windows 7 phone.

When Facebook announced movie rentals, Morgan Shanahan asked New Media vs. Old: Will Facebook Deal DVDs Their Final Blow? I think the answer has something to do with streaming.

Here's the question: What's under your TV? More broadly, what device(s) are you using to get your entertainment fix?

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Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech

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