What's That Smell?

Bubba: What is that smell?
Me: What smell?
Bubba: That smell. It smells kinda fruity.
Me: Like rotten fruit? The apples need eaten, but I don't think they are bad yet.
Bubba: No...
Me: Well, is it yucky?
Bubba: No. It's just weird.
Me: Where do you smell it?
Bubba: Here. By the basement steps.
Me: I don't smell anything.
Bubba: Come here and smell it. What is that?
Me: Honey, that's just fabric softener. I got a couple free samples.
Bubba: Seriously? Huh.

Bubba has admitted that he missed laundry that "smells good." In my hippie pursuits, fabric softener has gone the way of make up in our house. I don't buy it; therefore, we don't use it. I used to make some with vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils, but Bubba wasn't thrilled. Such a mild scent wasn't really worth the effort. So our laundry just smells like laundry. It smells clean, but it doesn't smell "like" anything. Lord knows that if it does, Bubba is bound to be confounded. What's that smell?

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