What's So Bad About Needing A Man? Kirsten Dunst, Gender Roles And "Frozen."

Watching "Frozen" and hearing about Kirsten's plight made me think that we need to be careful about how we women talk to our daughters. Our daughters need to believe that they are strong and capable on their own but I also think we need to be careful about how we characterize men and the role they will play in our daughters' lives.

"Frozen" was good.  It was entertaining and it was refreshing to see these sisters save themselves.  But men played a role in their happy ending and I think that it's important for our daughters to recognize that as well.    We don't have to accept movies that portray women as strong only if they don't need men and we don't need movies that say men need to ride in to save weak, incapable women.  We don't have to be pigeon holed into specific roles and we can we can be smart, capable women who stay home with kids.  We can love men, want them in our lives and still be the CEO.  It's the ability to choose what's right for us that provides the strength.

I applaud Kirsten Dunst for what she said, because, let's face it; she knew she'd get what she got. Her mother and father must be very proud of the very strong woman they raised.


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