What's the story, Morning Glory?

Like the lyrics sung by Ella Fitzgerald suggest, in the new romantic comedy "Morning Glory" the story behind the public image of the newsroom might be more interesting than the news itself.

Morning Glory movie

The characters in the movie's over-the-top dysfunctional newsroom somehow manage to survive and even thrive in a cut-throat business.

Throw in the age factor--Diane Keaton plays a sixty-something veteran news anchor--and you might be tempted to ask, how can a woman in her sixties succeed in television? And while women's magazines like to tell us that 60 is the new 40, a clever slogan doesn't change everything. Thanks to the hardworking women who don't give up when they reach a "certain age," women of all ages are looking up to these women as role models in media, fashion, and business.

If it is possible to admire the "narcissistic" character of Colleen Peck played by Academy award winning actress Diane Keaton, then count me in her fan club. Peck's the epitome of the perfectly-imperfect, hard-working woman who triumphs when the going gets tough. Peck, a veteran news anchor who literally kicked some butt when she dressed up as a Sumo wrestler for her morning gig, might be considered a ditsy TV host except for the fact she is also a very hard worker. And perhaps best of all, she isn't afraid to stand up to her bitter co-host played by Harrison Ford who seems offended when co-host Peck, a former beauty queen, gets any respect in the newsroom. 

I have always admired Keaton's wit and self-depricating sense of humor. She's not afraid to tell it like it is. At 64 she knows what it takes for women in their 60s to survive in TV and films. As more and more women continue to thrive in the business world even as they age, Keaton and her contemporaries remind me why working hard and not taking myself too seriously might be the keys to success.

Morning Glory opens tomorrow, November 10th. Watch Keaton's interview with another hardworking journalist, Meredith Vieira, on the TODAY Show.


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