What's wrong with being the smart girl?

High school will ALWAYS come back to haunt you.  Seriously.  Sorry kids.

I was always the smart girl.  Top of the class.  Won all the awards.  That girl.  Even saying it now irritates me.  And makes me a little bit proud.  

Like all of the books about smart nerdy teens, I tried to hide it.  I wouldn't show off my papers or report cards to friends, I often kept my mouth shut when I knew better.  It didn't matter.  I was intimidating, and I knew it.  It was hard to find dates and it didn't help that I had super strict rules, but that's a blog for another day.

In college, it didn't really matter.  Everyone was studying different things...mostly booze and loose sexual relationships...and nobody asked or cared about your grades.  Then came vet school where I mostly spent my time with other vet students.  And was no longer the "smart kid".  I was an average fish in a really smart pond.  It felt good.

Now I'm back to the awkwardness.  Getting dates isn't the problem, but finding friends with similar interests that don't shut down when I say "I'm a vet".  

Maybe it's just in my head, but when I am hanging out with a group of people my age, most of them are teachers, moms, servers and students, or still trying to "figure themselves out".  And all of those things are okay.  They are all normal for people in their late twenties to be doing.  But when did being a doctor not become "normal"?  And where are all of the other professionals?  Why don't I run into them at the bar, farmer's market, or work?  Are they all lying about their professions?

Oh...you went to 8 years of college?  You must be totally boring to talk to, or judging me for not subjecting myself to that.

NOT THE CASE.  I am a person.  I have a career that I enjoy.  I'm sorry that it's intimidating.  And I'm sorry that I'm sorry.


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