What's yer Honey Boo Boo nickname, Sweet Pea?

The creepy hydra that is the Honey Boo Boo phenomenon continues to sprout new heads, each more dumbed-down than the last. The latest of these is the Honey Boo Boo Nickname Generator, brought to us by TLC (and if anyone can prove to me why they still deserve to have their initials stand for "The Learning Channel," I will eat the scraps Honey Boo Boo feeds her pet pig.) Anyway, this nickname generator is powered by some kind of Hillbilly heroin or something, because once you see it, you simply CANNOT resist typing your name in to see what goldarned silly soundin' thang it's gonna come up with. Then once you do that, you can't stop typing in the name of everyone else you know. This bit of nonsense consumed a good 35 minutes of precious work time this week when a co-worker pulled it up on her screen. Within minutes, a crowd had gathered. "Type in my name! Hahahaaa, my nickname is Precious Dainty!" "Oh, me too! Type in my name! Hahaha! I'm Speckled Piglet!" "HEY, HOW 'BOUT THE BOSS'S NAME? TYPE THAT IN! AHAHAAAA!!!" 

I tell you, it was downright scary. It made me want to go home and scrub my brain out with Lysol and read a really, really difficult book. Which I did not do. Because I was too busy taking pictures of the nickname generator flashing my own nickname, Meltdown Shuga.  

Heavenly father, what has become of me? 


(Oh well. No sense fightin' it. I'ma go whip up a batch of pig lard biscuits 'n' grits while you go on and check out this nickname gernurator-whatsy at: What'smahnickname?)


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