What's in your bag? The BlogHer 2009 Edition

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Several months ago I was rendered with an inability to read a calendar properly coupled with a sudden need to be everywhere at once and lo my July blew up like a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. There are conventions and one night affairs in cities 3,000 miles away and a move to somewhere...anywhere besides the home of one of my parents both for their benefit and mine. We'd all like to make it through the summer alive. So in a fit of panic I packed my bag for BlogHer. Because at some point several months ago I thought that I could go from a massive convention to BlogHer without stopping at home and it would be all awesome and wonderful (and excuse me while I have an anxiety attack and fan myself) but...it isn't awesome or wonderful. It sucks. 

Hey! I'm almost packed for the BlogHer conference! Some might think this to be good planning. No stress come July 22nd where I'm standing over my suitcase in tears and staring at my butt in the mirror because it's huge and WHAT DO I HAVE TO MASK THE HUGENESS?!? I'm so prepared right now that it's disgusting. Because...dun dun duuuun (and as I said in this post) I'm bringing things that I'd normally wear anyway. Which is key ladies (and gentlemen) be yourself. It sounds so much easier on paper (or screen) and then in real life you're hyperventilating because the illusive "They" might not like your dress/shoes/pants but whatever. I'm here to say that this is what I will be wearing at BlogHer and I really don't care if you hate everything I own. 

But maybe I care. 

A little bit. 

Ok I do. 

First off dresses: Lots of dresses because I own one pair of black capri pants that I enjoy but I like to be easy and breezy and I'm most comfortable in dresses. 


Then cardigans: Three different lengths because I'm all about being warm and comfortable while sitting in a freezing cold, air conditioned hotel room and trying to pay attention to a session on how marketing and social media are conjoined. I don't care if I'm the one discussing it, I'll need to be alert and WARM. 


Shoes: They're good. They should be on your feet in most establishments. Those green flats? I own FOUR pairs of those shoes. Not saying where they're from but four pairs must means love...and never having to say your sorry. The black ones are from Hayden Harnett and my feet and I are very grateful to the lovelies in Brooklyn. We salute you. 

Some Shoes

And The Bag: I bought this bag during Hayden Harnett's Big Bang Sale - which is still going on - but you can smell the leather from a mile away not to mention that it's just a super wonderful bag. It's big enough for the camera and an extra lens plus all the superfluous things that I'll never use but will want to carry with me anyway. It won't fit my laptop and I'm ok with that. It means less time with my nose in Politico.com and more time focused on how to brand my blog. 


That's what I'm bringing. At least I'm 80% sure that is what I'm bringing barring any sort of freak accident that makes my butt like four times smaller. Hopefully this will give you some ideas. Sooo? What are YOU bringing?

HeatherB also writes about bags, clothes and shoes at No Pasa Nada


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