What's Your Favorite BlogHer Book Club Book?

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Even though my job is on The Internet, I love, love, love books. I have a Kindle, and I like to use that, but I am also a terrible book hoarder and have kept every single one of the FORTY-SIX books we have read so far in BlogHer Book Club.

Penguin books

Ironically, since I started reading a book or three a month for BlogHer Book Club two years ago, I also rediscovered the library. Reading more begets reading more for me, and now I'm up to about a consistent book a week between BlogHer Book Club selections and other stuff I hear about and decide I want to read. It helps that my nine-year-old is an avid reader, as well, and we spend about forty-five minutes before bed lying in her bed and reading books together. I keep trying to get her to read the books I like, but for some reason she seems to think she is her own person with a separate brain and everything.

Even though we finished our final Penguin books in March, BlogHer Book Club Host Karen Ballum is also BlogHer's Books Editor, and she'll be keeping the conversations alive in BlogHer Book Chat. If you find yourself going into withdrawal, be sure to check out BlogHer's books content and also the book chat! All our Penguin BlogHer Book Club books are still available on the BlogHer Book Club Book Shelf.

Now for the hard part. Which was your absolute favorite book of BlogHer Book Club so far?


Adult Fiction

Young Adult Fiction

What are you reading right now?

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