What's Your Favorite Summer Food?

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What with all the Memorial Day grilling recipes we've been reading, and BlogHer Food '13 in less than two weeks -- it's definitely starting to feel like summer's here. It's the time of year you start to hear the music of the ice-cream truck, break out those little plastic corn cob holders, and -- if you're me -- bust into a chorus of "Home-Grown Tomatoes:"

Home-grown tomatoes/
Home-grown tomatoes/
What'd life be without home-grown tomatoes/
There's only two things that money can't buy/
And that's true love and home-grown tomatoes

Well, I guess you know where I stand. Your turn: What summer food are you looking forward to most? Are you a popsicle person, an ice cream lover, a fan of stone fruit, or a master griller? We'll celebrate the winner with a slideshow of mouth-watering recipes soon, so weigh in and let us know what kind of recipes you'd most like to see!

Now for the controversy of the season: Where do you stand on the important issue of grilled fruit? Tell us by Swipping below -- just click on the Swipp smiley face and move the button to give your score.

a young child's hand holding a dripping ice cream cone with colorful sprinkles, via Shutterstock


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