What's in your freezer?

 Day 28 – I was inspired by today’s post by Laine Griffin “The Laine List” and comments from other bloggers on her post, which reminded me to check the freezer for hidden treasures. 

On days when I am feeling uninspired in the kitchen or I have been traveling with nodesire to stop in at the local market I open my freezer door and I always have a variety of frozen meals to choose from. Could be gumbo, beef stew ( thank you Julia Childs for the most mouth watering recipe for Beef Bourguignon and yes it does take a lot of time to prepare but double the recipe and freeze for another day, ummmm), spaghettis sauce, cooked pork ribs, there is always something to eat.

Last month I was tired of my hands freezing while I was pulling out frozen packages and trying to figure out what I had in the freezer, so I wrote up a list of what was in there.

So tonight I took a look and pulled out cooked pork loin for a meal later this week. I am pretty sure adding to the list will be an on and off thing, after all I have to remember to write down what I place in the freezer, always a challenge but I will try.

What are your favorite meals to prepare and freeze to be enjoyed another day?

Almost made it through November NaBloPoMo! Yippeeeeee!



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