Which Hunger Games District Are You In?

Have you been paying attention to the Hunger Games marketing campaign? Virginia pointed out some of the great stuff they are doing in her post about great marketing ideas from internet phenoms. I had somehow missed that if you went to the Hunger Games Facebook page you could register for Panem citizenship and be placed in a district.

It's actually a nifty little Facebook app. Like all Facebook apps you have to approve it and allow it access to your Facebook page. (Don't worry, you can always go disconnect it later.) Then you verify your personal information, select an image to use on your citizenship card (you can use a Facebook photo) and you are good to go!

panem hunger games citizenship card

Well how about that! I'm a perfumer in District 1. I hope you won't all hold that against me. I'm nice! I swear! And last I checked I did not have pink hair. (I did discover at shocking grey STRIPE this morning though. Gah!)

After you've registered you can head on over to your District's Facebook page and see what the scoop is. Each District specializes in a single industry. For District 12 it's mining. For District 9 it's grain. District 1? Luxury. Hey! Not such a bad deal... at least for a perfumer.

Since I'm District 1, and there's a special edition series of China Glaze Colors from the Capitol nail polish that correspond to each of the districts, that was my next stop. The color for District 1 is "Dress Me Up." It's probably not my favourite shade in the collection. Darn those outer districts! They got the good ones!

Only 16 more days until the Hunger Games hits theatres. I'm officially on countdown!

Have you registered for Panem citizenship? Which district are you in?

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