What's Your Most Recent Favorite Piece of Technology?

As March ends, I am wondering what my other tech lovers are feeling has been there best, most recent piece of technology that you added to your house/home over the past six months.


A new phone? A new TV? A new computer? Camera? An app that makes all the difference? How you utilize your schedule? Something for your kids? Something for your spouse/partner? Something for the kitchen? The garage? The car?


It's funny when you think about how much technology has changed and been expanded upon even in the past six months. Even BlogHer changed during that time. In fact, my oldest son's favorite website (Noggin/Nick Jr) got a makeover/facelift and FREAKED HIM OUT for a day. (I giggled though I got it thrown back in my face when I FREAKED OUT about the BlogHer changes. Ah, karma.)


So what's new and faved in your family tech environment?


(Our new faves would be our GPS/geocaching stuff. Oh my, we're dorks.)



@FireMom from Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land