What's Your Once Upon A Time

For an hour on Sunday, I am transported to a place and surrounded by characters that a lot of us grew up reading about in storybooks.  Once Upon A Time has been a saving grace for me. If I am having a bad day, week, or month, I just watch an episode or more of Once Upon A Time and for that hour I am relaxed and carefree.

So I started to think about what would be in my fairytale. Would I be a hero, a princess, a villain, a pirate etc? Some individuals might think that this is childish but for me its a time when I can forget every bad thing going on and just transport myself into the lives and places of Once Upon A Time. 

So I want to throw out a big THANK YOU to everyone associated with Once Upon A Time. Thank you for all of your time and for the creativity that has brought fairytales back into our lives.  

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