Wheatgrass/Green Juice

Dear friends,

I've decided that rather than concentrating on writing a daily blog, which can prove to be a little stressful when I'm busy, I'm going to write from now on on exceptional days, food adventures, new discoveries (restaurants/food places/products), and recipes.  When I insist on writing every day I end up talking about irrelevant things and also struggle to keep up when I'm busy. Thank you all for continuing to read my blogs, and I hope you continue to enjoy my writings, experiences and muses!

An update on my own life - my pregnancy has been going very well and I expect it will continue to go on this way, considering my lifestyle.  I recently started juicing every day, eating fruit until lunch, and now food-combine for optimal digestion.   This has kept me from having any indigestion, gastro-intestinal issues, foggy brain and has increased my vitality and overall energy levels, despite my lowering of protein intake and complete abstinence from caffeinated substances (which actually overwork and can exhaust the adrenal glands, which regulate energy). 



I have also bought a hand-crank wheatgrass juicer ($40 on Amazon) which has proven to be a very good buy.  I am doing 1 oz a day, as it is very potent and I don't want to bring up too many toxins into my blood stream, especially since the baby gets everything that's in my blood.  Just a little extra boost, no more. 



Wheatgrass is quite an amazing substance and I highly recommend that people with 'clean' diets begin their day with a glass of lemon water, a shot of wheat grass, and a Green Juice.  This is a very cleansing combination and will bring a great sense of vitality into the beginning of your day.  I find that when I have greens in the morning, I tend to eat better throughout the day since I my body feels so great and clean and greasy/fatty foods just don't sound nice at all. Also with cleansing combinations, one's excretion becomes extremely regular, to the point where you almost look forward to it!  My dog, when we take him out, will begin his squat, and Jeff or I run over with a big leaf to throw under his bottom.  His poo lands on the leaf, we cover it with another leaf, and throw it in the garbage (how much more biodegradable does it get than that?).  Meanwhile, as soon as he's done he shoots off running in excitement.  It never gets old and I always laugh. He then will do a chicken stratch dance all over the place and run in circles.  He really loves to poo!  Have you ever felt that way?  I definitely have, and it's very natural because the less waste you have in your body, the more energy can flow through and the more enlightened you feel.  How enlightened do you feel after a big heavy miscombined meal? Not very I'm sure.

I hope you are all well and great, and wish you vibrant, enlightened health!






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