The wheel of change

“Every new place we visit – be it a foreign country, a budding friendship, a child’s birth, or a new job – evokes a new world within us… Life is process, movement and transformation. Try as we may to ‘hold back the dawn,’ change is the only thing we can count on for sure.” – Harriet Lerner 

Over the past few weeks, it seems like almost every area in my life has been out of balance. Home, family, friends, and work have all been in a state of rapid change and transformation. Within a constantly changing landscape, I’ve felt disoriented, dizzy and overwhelmed. 

In the past, this would have translated directly into a physical ailment – like vertigo or eczema. But thankfully, I’m learning new ways of coping with stress and change, and new ways of relating to and being with it.

Some of the things I’ve been dealing with lately include: major changes in my role and department at work; a difficult conversation with my best girlfriend that took a few days to resolve; a middle-of-the-night trip to the emergency room as a result of my husband’s asthma attack; and a week with family who were visiting from out of town. As a result of increasing pressures, I’ve been doing more during the day, going to bed later at night, skipping my morning meditations, and then feeling exhausted, drained and stressed. ...Continue


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